Private Cooking Class

Let me show you the ways! You can be the master of your own kitchen, in charge of everything you put into your body! Some basic skills, time saving prep and recipe ideas, and you'll be on your way to a greener palate!

Class Includes:

  • Basic nutrition and food preference consultation (condensed version)- tips and guidance
  • Kitchen basics
  • Food prep- for time saving and bulk cooking
  • Recipe ideas- with time saving tips, helpful blogs and books for reference

Grocery Store Tour

Together we will take a trip to your local grocery store or health food store. We will explore and discover what you need to know to lead you on a path of buying and eating the right foods for health and happiness. I will provide a "cheat sheet" with helpful information for future trips. Individual and group tours available. Prices vary.

During our tour we will discuss and cover:

  • Store layout- with tricks and tips on what to look for and what to avoid
  • How to read and analyze labels
  • Money saving ideas and tips
  • The essential food groups
  • Ingredients, additives and chemicals to recognize
  • Locating buzzwords like natural, organic, local and what they mean