what i offer

Health Focused Meals for families, creating more free time for the people you love!

Specializing in nutritious and delicious meals that everyone can enjoy throughout the busy week

• Weekly menus and meal plans tailored to clients’ taste preferences and nutritional needs. 

• Planning and creation of specialty meals with a focus on wholesome, seasonal ingredients, with healthy alternatives to familiar foods. 

•Accommodate any dietary restrictions- paleo, keto, vegan, gluten/lactose allergies, conditions and other sensitivities.

• Manage clients’ kitchens including inventory & stocking, budgeting and grocery shopping, prepare and safely store food, organize and sanitize kitchen space.

• Nutrition guidance and support through individual assessments, upon request.


How it works

•After initial contact and an understanding of how many meals you need per week, along with your family size and budget, I send you an estimated quote, a sample menu and a food preference questionnaire.

•We customize the finalized menu together and plan our first cook day. I come to your home, with groceries in hand and ready to begin! 

Additional Services- 

• Small dinners, parties and events, 2-12 people 

•Nutrition assessments and meal planning guidance, with or without the chef services

•Recipe and menu development consultation for start ups, restaurants and other businesses collaborations

•Private cooking lessons- all ages and levels